Why Manufacture Industrielle?

Our company specializes in the precision profiling of spacers, muntin bar, screen bar, etc.

The company has many customers that have been loyal for years and years.


This Montreal-based family business has been serving eastern Canada for nearly half a century. In fact, in 1959, Roger Marsan senior along with an associate, Laurent Lajoie, founded the current company.

Manufacture industrielle
Division of: Les Entreprises SP.

Mr. Marsan senior was at the head of the company for nearly 40 years.

Mr. Daniel Messier, active in the company for more than 35 years and now its current president, ran the company with the help of Vice-president Roger Marsan junior.

The year 2019 will mark a turning point. Manufacture industrielle, comes under the control of the company "Les Entreprises S.P." by becoming one of their divisions. The new owners are, Mr. Gilbert Tanguay father and his two son Sacha and Pascal.

Under their sound management, Manufacture industrielle inc. implemented innovations in order to remain an industry leader. Always keeping abreast with the latest trends, the company has never ceased to innovate to set itself apart from its competitors.

Its ever-growing client base is a reflection of the quality of its products and guarantees its future success.

This is why the team at Manufacture industrielle inc. would like to thank its clientele for all of these years of loyalty.

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